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In Newfoundland and Labrador, the plot thickens:

September 10, 2008

Through Freedom of Information the opposition Liberals got hold of Minister of Education Joan Burke’s questions for the short-listed candidates for the MUN presidency:

Now, if you were ever in a position to interview a potential president of Memorial University, you might be interested – as Burke has purported to be – in the person’s vision for the university. How would they improve its good reputation? Expand or change degree programs? Increase domestic and international enrolment? Attract more research funding? Inspire academic excellence in students and faculty, and loyalty and generosity in alumni?

But no, Burke’s questions reveal there is only room for one type of vision at the helm of Memorial University – one that matches the provincial government’s own agenda and includes strong support for autonomy for Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook.

1. “As President, how would you see the University and the Province working together?”

2. “What government strategies and initiatives are of particular relevance to the University?”

3. “What mechanisms would you employ to ensure collaboration on areas of mutual interest?”

4. “… Government has provided direction on implementing a new governance model to increase Grenfell’s autonomy. How would you identify issues related to implementation? What might the barriers be and how would you overcome them? What factors would facilitate success?”

Hell, they should ask Shawn Graham for his “Action Plan.” It’s all there.


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