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How they see us

September 10, 2008

Anti-Intellectualism Enters Canadian Campaign, but Will It Fly?” asks Karen Birchard in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Is “professor” a political insult? The Conservative Party in Canada seems to think so. It is portraying its main opponent in next month’s early election, Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, as a nerdy, out-of-touch professor. …

“The attempt by the Tories to portray Mr. Dion as elitist ignores the fact that, like Mr. Obama, he comes from modest roots,” said Errol P. Mendes, a law professor at the University of Ottawa and a commentator on North American elections. “It’s sad that the right wing in both countries is trying to portray well-educated people as elitist.”

The article tends toward the view that anti-intellectualism is not so rampant in Canada as it is south of the border, but one cannot help wondering if the anwer to the original question — “will it fly?” — is “like a puffin.”


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