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Academic freedom and the right to education

September 3, 2008

In defense of academic freedom:We have been gathering some views outside the Inaugural THES Conference for Strategic Thought in Higher Education Management”:

Twilight of Academic Freedom:Cary Nelson describes how the shift to a majority contingent faculty is an intellectual sea change for undergraduates as well as faculty themselves”:

Higher Ed: Free For All:In the struggle to keep up with tuition, 78% of students work while enrolled, averaging 30 hours per week. But the annual cost of everyone’s public tuition in the United States is less than $50 billion, says Adolph Reed. We could pay that bill for everyone, he says–and reap substantial returns on the investment”:

We’re All Workers—And We’re All Intellectuals, Too:Sabbaticals for nurses and accountants? ‘We’re all workers,’ says Adolph Reed. ‘We all want the same things.’ Now that everyone works in the service economy, the blue-collar/white-collar distinctions make very little sense. And recognizing that all intellectuals are workers is a step toward realizing that all workers are intellectuals”:


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