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Couple of

August 27, 2008

letters to the editor yesterday which take the wind out of the sails of the government’s campaign to repatriate New Brunswickers who have gone elsewhere for jobs: “Young graduates need full-time jobs” and “Maritimers can’t come back home!”

Speaking personally, I have lost two families in my immediate circle in the last year. In both cases there were significant workplace issues, and the loss of early French immersion (yes, we have lost it — grade 3 is middle immersion) was the icing on the cake. These were highly educated, professional families who brought considerable expertise (and tax dollars) to this province, and they have gone elsewhere.

Maybe, just maybe, people don’t want to be … in this place where the rug can be pulled out from under them at any time. Where they are not as valued as they would be virtually anywhere else in the country. Where an educated, vocal middle class is regarded as a liability rather than an asset.


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