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Mike Murphy

August 25, 2008

slags off the Conservatives in today’s T-J:

“You can trust the Shawn Graham Liberals to be transparent and to debate. I think New Brunswickers need to know, is it better to stand still like the Bernard Lord government did or is it better to take action?” Murphy said.

Passing over that first statement in incredulous silence in order to answer Mr. Murphy’s question: your government, sir, makes a petrified forest look like an attractive alternative. It exemplifies the fable of the tortoise and the hare. And while one was occasionally tempted to check and see that the members of the previous government were still breathing, with hindsight, that was infinitely preferable to hyperventilation.

“We went very fast in the last two years and the reason is because we had such inaction when they were in government.”

Well that explains all. It’s Bernard Lord’s fault that education in this province, from kindergarten to graduate school, has been bruised and battered for the last two years and is unlikely to recover in the foreseeable future. And that’s just one area.

The Liberals are branding themselves:


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