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Continuing on the media beat,

August 20, 2008

Sue Rickards has an interesting letter in the T-J today about the ways in which the current provincial government has adopted a corporate model:

Offering performance bonuses to deputy ministers is a disturbing indication of the tendency of this government to model itself on business corporations, thereby subverting its own purpose. Government is not motivated by profit and individual gain; it’s meant to be driven by justice and the interests of all citizens, which are often at odds with the goals of the private sector.

She decries the offering of bonuses to government bureaucrats and ends — rather touchingly, given what we know of Shawn Graham’s Liberals — with the hope that

That bonus fund should flow not to executives, but to the budgets of community organizations who struggle daily, doing the government’s work on a shoestring.

The problem is, of course, that not only do they not work for “justice and the interests of all citizens,” they seem disinterested, at best, in anyone else doing it.


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