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August 8, 2008

Schools that Make Us Look Stupid: Another BC private ‘university’ bites the dust. Why it hurts you and me” by Fiona McQuarrie, (Aug. 8/08):

Advocates of private or for-profit post-secondary education argue that the public post-secondary system doesn’t like private competition because it feels threatened. They would have you believe those in the public system just want to preserve their cushy jobs in an inefficient, out-of-date and inflexible system that discourages “non-traditional” students. I wouldn’t try to convince anyone that there isn’t waste and inefficiency in public post-secondary education. And clearly post-secondary education needs to accommodate those students who simply want to achieve a credential as easily or as quickly as possible, and for whom cost or quality might be secondary considerations. To me, however, that doesn’t justify the subtle and less subtle ways that the government is compromising the quality of the entire post-secondary education system.


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