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And back east:

August 6, 2008

Another spot-on commentary from our neighbours across the water with the unambiguous title, “Hands off!” (George MacVicar, The Southern Gazette, Aug. 5/08):

What is the Minister of Education doing getting into the day-to-day operation of the province’s post secondary institution? Isn’t there a board of governors selected and approved by the government already to oversee the university on its behalf? …

What’s the point of having individuals hired, or volunteers put in place and even elected, to run these institutions if government is going to interfere and make decisions for them?

This type of involvement can only be interpreted as ‘political interference’ and in a ‘democracy’ governments are not elected by their constituents to offer up a day-to-day control.…

The minister is rather presumptuous to think her background and position should override recommendations from the MUN Board of Regents, University Senate and the 18-member President search committee. In the main, these are government appointees selected to do the government’s work in this area.…

Policy decisions, not practical decisions of daily operations, are the mandates of governments.

For ongoing links to coverage of the controversy, check out Dale Kirby, who teaches at MUN and to whom I seem to be linking a lot lately.


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