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Message from the AUNBT/FAUST Solidarity Committee

January 17, 2008

Once again on Friday representatives of faculty associations from across Canada will be in Fredericton to show solidarity with FAUST members by joining them on the picket line. Friday will be Day 22 of the lock-out.

AUNBT encourages all of its members on the Fredericton campus to join this effort to salute and encourage our stalwart colleagues up the hill.

If you can spare a half hour or so without neglecting your UNB duties, please turn out to join us beginning 10 am on Friday at the three FAUST picket lines (opposite Ludlow Hall; opposite the Wu Centre; on Montgomery Street).

AUNBT members are also invited to the solidarity potluck gathering at Wilmot United Church for festivities and food on Friday starting at 6:00pm.

In the meantime, FAUST encourages AUNBT members to join the picket line EVERY day, particularly late in the afternoons. AUNBT members also continue daily participation in the afternoon refreshment wagon to the picketers; if you’re interested in helping, please contact Karen Pearlson .


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