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January 7, 2008
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pigs_trough.jpg that’s bugging me — admittedly it’s a long list — is the way the media and others are characterizing the STU faculty as greedy: they are depicted as spurning a good offer because they want even more, like pigs at the trough. What these critics neglect to mention is that FAUST has some key demands around conditions for part-time faculty, and that their refusal to allow roll-backs of the already meager rights of the CAS (contract academic staff) is one of the sticking points for management. A problem at STU — and elsewhere — is the phenomenon of well-paid administrators hoovering up courses that would otherwise go to CAS and sometimes even teaching them during their regular work days. It’s called “administrative creep,” an evocative term that was new to me; I was used to calling it “double-dipping.” And the STU administration? They want to erode CAS seniority rights in order to make it easier.

So now who are the piggies?

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  1. Jonathan permalink
    January 7, 2008 9:02 pm

    I’d like to know if this characterization of STU faculty originated with the administration or if the media is running alone. On the Facebook group Students Supporting STU Faculty, a member argued that FAUST’s negotiating team has failed to correct the view that this is a money debate. Since I only have access to a few websites and what’s printed in the newspaper, I’m having difficulty determining where this view of the conflict originated.

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