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Institutional Ethnography Research Seminar

October 31, 2007

The following research seminar may be of some interest to people in the Saint John or Fredericton area.

The (video-conferenced) November meeting of the UNB-STU “Institutional Ethnography Research Group” will take place tomorrow, Nov 1st at 6pm in Oland hall 203 (UNBSJ)/Eaton media centre 126, Marshall D’avery Hall (UNBF).

Thursday’s event will consist of two short talks, followed by an open discussion.

The speakers are:

Dr. Marilee Reimer (Sociology, STU) – “Women’s standpoint and university restructuring”

Dr. Christopher Doran (Social Science, UNBSJ) – “Universities and neo-liberalism: Advantages and disadvantages of an institutional ethnographic approach”

(Institutional Ethnography is a research strategy developed by Dorothy E. Smith and her students. This approach is increasingly being used in the social sciences, and fields such as Education, nursing and Social work. The primary orientation is to investigate the actual social relations whereby policies and practices enacted in specific local settings are co-ordinated and regulated from a distance)

All are welcome…(faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, etc.)


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