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N.B. high school survey

October 9, 2007

[A correspondent just sent the following:]

An interesting survey (Download PDF) done of the 2002 graduating class in New Brunswick:

A few conclusions:

Respondents who had attended a university reported the highest completion rate of their first year (85%) as compared to those who had attended a private training institution (67%) or a community college (58%). When those in the process of completing their first year of studies were included, however, the numbers became more comparable: 28% of respondents who had attended a community college were still completing their first year at the time of survey, for a total of 86% either completed or in progress; 24% of those attending a private training institution were completing their first year for a total of 91%; and 10% of those who had attended a university were completing their first year, for a total of 95%. Readers are again reminded that the findings of the survey are applicable to the respondents of the survey, but it is difficult to determine to what extent they may be generalized to the population of 2002 graduates as a whole.

At the time of the survey, the majority of respondents (72%) attending a post-secondary institution were attending a university. The remaining respondents were attending a community college (22%) or private training institution (6%). When examined by gender, it was found that females (77%) were more likely than males (64%) to have attended a university, while males were more likely than females to have attended a community college (30% and 16%, respectively).

The majority of respondents (86%) indicated they were engaged in studies at their institution of choice.


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